laughing jesus,  joy to the world

             a blank jigsaw puzzle

We have the divine right to participate in the mystery of the unknown.  Too many people want to know how things will turn out before starting the adventure.  You can calculate, pray, throw a tantrum, or run away.  Do all these and more, then step into the unknown with your best armor.  But after that, the winds and currents of reality, moving infinite numbers of others, along the same path, will force you interact with their dreams and hopes which may be completely different from yours. 

Those who willingly embrace others along the path will find ample opportunity to serve and be served.  Those who give willingly and gladly enter into the mystery of the Second Mile.  Jesus spoke about this but once and yet this is a clue whispered from the voice of God.  

Loving unselfish service, the desire to serve, to do good with no thought of self....this is love...this is God...God is love.